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Meet the Board

The PTO Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month to plan programs, manage funds, and discuss ways we can promote positive outcomes for families, teachers, and staff at Sacred Heart.  Should anyone need to add an item to the board meeting agenda, please fill out our Board Meeting Agenda Item Form.

The mission of the PTO is to support the administration, teachers, and staff, help promote education and development of students, and offer opportunities for families and caregivers to connect.

PTO  Objectives:

  1. Support the administration, teachers, and staff through volunteer efforts, appreciative programming, funding requests, and other educational assistance.

  2. Help promote the education and development of students through volunteer efforts, using community contacts to provide expertise, assist with funding requests, and support parents/caregivers as partners in the educational process.

  3. Offer opportunities for families and caregivers to connect by assisting with communication, hosting social events, and promoting activities of the school.

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